Monday, August 25, 2014

Learn to laugh at yourself

Yesterday, I woke up sort of grouchy.  Someone in my family was sort of jesting about how I had wiped my hands on the back of my pants and there were blueberry stains there.   Now, I know they meant absolutely no harm, and it was all in good fun, but since I wasn't in a very good mood, I was feeling a bit resentful about the comments, but didn't say anything. A little while later, I went to spend some time in prayer and decided to pick up the "Jesus Calling" devotional book, which I haven't actually looked at for about 3 months.  The first two sentences of the next reading I opened up to in the book said, "Learn to laugh at yourself more.  Refuse to take yourself or your circumstances so seriously."  I couldn't help but receive some of the Joy of the Lord after reading that, and it completely changed my attitude.

The devotional went on to say that God loves it when his children laugh.  Just like we get delight out of seeing our own children care-free, laughing, and enjoying life.  Our Father loves it when we are free enough to laugh because that means we are trusting in him rather than trying to control our circumstances.

God has quite a sense of humor.

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