About Us

We are a family of 8 - My lovely wife, Ondrea and I have been married for 17 years and have 6 children.

My wife and I have been around or in almost every type of church you can imagine. From Charismatic/Third Wave/Apostolic over to the other extreme of traditional/Liturgical church. We have been involved in ministry of various sorts over the years - Pastoral Team, healing team ministry, eldership, discipleship, small group leadership, etc. We know that God had a purpose in all these experiences and we learned from them, but we have stopped attaching much significance to the things we did in the past. We have entered into a new way of thinking regarding Church. We do not see church any more as an IT. Church is not a structure, organization, or building; it is the living body of Christ. We seek to relate to other members of the body through Christ, the head. We used to relate to believers through the modes of church structures, scheduled weekly meetings, etc. Now, we seek to build relationship/family with other believers by the leading of the Spirit rather than by being part of the same institution/organization.

We meet at times with other believers in our home on Saturday evenings.  It is not a "church" in the way you might understand it, but we meet together as the church.  Over all, the most important thing is building relationship.  As relationship is built, love grows.  What we "do" when we meet together isn't the main thing - the main thing is to relate to one another as the body of Christ in love.  As Michael Rose, author of "Becoming Love" says: "Communities rooted in genuine divine love are the safest places on earth"  iamsignificant

We agree with the statement that it is not about another meeting, joining another group, club, etc.  It is about building relationship with people!  Organic church directory - About

Currently, we get everyone together on some Saturday nights at 4:30 for a potluck. 

We do not have a regular format we always follow, although all or some of the following may be a part of what we do.
  • Seek God together - asking him what he wants to do by praying together and listening to him, then obeying whatever he tells us to do.
  • Eat together and enjoy fellowship (We don't meet for fellowship, we already have fellowship in Christ, therefore we meet)
  • Discipleship - through honest questions, this may happen apart from meetings - can be throughout the week, over coffee, as life happens and relationships are built.
  • Worship
  • Prayer - listening and praying for whatever or whoever God leads us.
  • Personal ministry for healing(physical or emotional).
  • Teaching - Someone in the group may be led to prepare and share on a certain topic, we have also watched teaching videos and discussed them in the past.
  • Serve those in need - Help someone in need or contribute to the needy in our area.

These are attitudes and mindsets we have decided are important when meeting together
  • Be relational - let love for God and others be top priority.
  • Participate in the Kingdom God is building, not make a "settlement"  see Road of the Kingdom
  • Be humble, open, and teachable with each other, not prone to debate.
  • Be transparent and open, sharing our lives, struggles, and needs with one another.
  • Allow the cross to be applied to our lives by dying to self and our own personal agendas.
  • When we listen to him, we ask him for direction, laying aside pet doctrines and worldly fears.
  • Guard against being an anti-institutional church club.  Although some may need to talk about their experiences in these areas at times in order to detox, that is not our primary focus or direction.
  • Be Jesus focused rather than inward-focused.  Our own personal needs can and will be met as we learn to relate to the head of the Body(Christ) first before we try to get our needs met by other members of the body.  We can only effectively serve and relate to one another when we are in connection with the head.
  • Realizing that church is not a thing, an organization, or a building.  The church is the people of God, the body of Christ.
  • Be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.
We have found that we identify with almost all of the statements contained in the following link, be blessed! 
Decisions that define us

If you sense God is leading you in the same direction, and giving you a hunger for many of the same things, we welcome you to contact us.