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Are you hungry for a deeper walk with God? Do you struggle with feelings of restlessness and fruitlessness? Have you ever felt that something is missing? Are you fed up with the Status Quo? Do you ask yourself, what is the point? Why do I feel this way? You are not alone in asking these questions.

Are you willing to let God shine His light on traditions of men? Do you hunger to listen to God’s voice rather than do good works out of obligation? Are you prepared to have your thoughts about God, others, and yourself transformed? If so, then you are ready to “Rethink the Unthinkable” and journey on the road less traveled, with the Holy Spirit as your Guide. It’s time to shed Religion and return to a first-love relationship with Jesus! Without love, we have nothing!

Everything in Christianity is centered around love. Everything we think, feel, and do must be rooted and grounded in love or it fails the test. If we don’t have love, we are naked, poor, miserable, and blind. We need to rethink what we are doing through a lens of love. If our practices do not line up with love, they need to be discarded or renewed.

The goal of this book is to encourage Christians to rethink things we commonly do out of tradition, wrong thinking, or bad teaching. Some of the subjects we (Chad and Ondrea) have been rethinking may seem to be “unthinkable”. We have been on a journey to discover authentic relationship with God and people. Some of the discoveries we have made may be surprising.

The book cover has an interesting story. It comes from a dream Ondrea wrote about in the Conclusion:
"In the dream I saw a giant art canvas. A painter began to paint a large picture of a sun; the artist continued, and the painting then became a large lion face. He continued painting, and I began to see light as bright as the sun coming from the lion’s face. Then, I began to see that the picture of the lion’s face was made up of a multitude of people. I heard the words, "the revealing of the sons of God."

If you look closely at the cover, you will see many faces embedded into the face of the Lion.

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